I know that I cannot generalize:

The internet is a weird place. It has come to my rescue in the worst of times and sometimes it has pushed me into worst times itself. Can you not believe? The internet is a tool in the hands of the user, I hear you say. But listen to what I have to say in defense.


The internet today is so full of information that finding the right thing is like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack! It has always been a dilemma as to what is there that I need to believe. One keyword can give me ten thousand results and tell me about both the sides of the coin so convincingly that instead of helping me make up my mind it muddles it up more! Do you feel this too?

Let me give you some examples:

When I wanted to trade online in binary options, I looked up the internet to tell me which is the best most legit software and it gave me a list of five hundred odd software all of them claiming to be legit. I chose a couple of them that turned out to be big scams of our times. But, the internet has come to my rescue when my wife suddenly had a seizure after a swim and we had to take her to a specialist and I found out all about the hospice that cured her completely. So you see my relationship with the internet has been a bittersweet one!

Customer Support

Facilis ipsum reprehenderit nemo molestias. Aut cum mollitia reprehenderit.

But this was the worst case:

A year ago, I wanted to try something kinky and looked up everywhere for a fetish. It looked like I had done almost everything and the products were sounding so redundant. Then you know I hit upon the idea of a sex doll!

It was out of my budget, but I wanted to try it nevertheless:

The prices were skyrocketing and I knew that I would have to save for a bit before I could house any ambitions of owning my own fantasy doll.
But wait, how could I even buy one with neighbors everyday prying on my parcels. I am a broadminded individual but I can vouch for the same for my neighborhood. I have had all kinds of questioning glances when I received emails from orphanages for donations. One neighbor even went to the extent of asking me if I was adopting a child and if I was feeling lonely after my loving wife’s death!

I have never been into this escorts thing:

Escorts give me scares. I mean I have nothing against them but I don’t really feel comfortable around them. I think for the stage of life I am in a sex doll would do just fine for me. But heavens, you don’t know what I got into?

Blame it on my impulsiveness!

I got into a website, signed up an order and got the shock of my life when I received her. she was nowhere what she looked like on the site. It was the worst replica of the doll that I had ordered. Worst of all, I doubted if it was also pre-owned. Ewww! Imagine my plight when I try to contact their customer care and I cannot connect!

I was Stuck

I looked up the site and found a number which would not connect. No address either for verification. I was stuck with this shitty piece. It is still lying in my attic and I am wondering what could I possibly do with such a shoddy thing?

It was months later that I came across another site called silicon wives:

This time I was smarter. I decided to read up a lot about them and also their customer feedback and then order. I chose a doll with brown skin and auburn hair and to be honest I was not expecting too much from my last experience. Heart-break is a thing, you know!

And it came!

Company Profile

Are you someone who is fighting pangs of loneliness? Are you also someone who does not want to engage escorts? But of course, you cannot do away with something as natural as having sex whenever you feel like, right?
Welcome to silicon wives:
We are a company that manufactures sex dolls. Not just any but the most premium range of dolls. We have an array of standardized dolls to choose from and if they do not meet the standards that you have set for yourself, fret not. We also have a customization feature where we can take orders and customize a sex doll for you. This ensures that the girl of your dream looks exactly like she is out of your dreams.
Wife without the strings:
Our dolls will ensure that you have the best time of your life when you are engaged with them. They are made with the best quality material including silicon which gives the almost lifelike appearance in touch and feels. There are a host of features to choose from in case you would like to customize your doll.
We cannot say we are friendly on the pocket, but hey quality is something!
When you looking for the best in the world and something that conforms to the highest safety standards then the price tag must seem inconsequential. Besides, the shipping is at your doorstep and totally free!
Discreet packaging and at the time you prefer:
The packaging is discreet and the door delivery can be arranged at a time that is most convenient for you. You can make sure that you are available to receive your package In case you do not want it to end up in anyone else’s hands.
We have a return and refund policy in place:
Our customer service executives are always waiting to help you in the best manner possible. Apart from this, we also have a return and refund policy if you have any grievances against the manufacturing defects in the doll. The refund will be affected within two working days.
We look forward to serving you!
We know that you would love to have one of our arm candies with you in bed giving you a great time and helping you relieve your stress. We are earnestly looking to hear from you. You can call the number on the screen in case there is something that you would like to know or drop us a line on the email address provided here.


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